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Failure Resume

Normalizing my growth and developing list of #fails to reflect on how I can be better!

Updated May 2021 – 3 min read

I wanted to create a failure resume so that I can reflect on my career journey. Coming to Stanford, I felt that I had to be a certain type of student and person.

I didn't have any experience in the tech industry or with computer science before arriving, and comparing myself against peers with more resources or more time in the field made it harder for me to break in and be confident in my work.

As a designer who also struggled during the pandemic to find roles and get even past a resume screen many, many times, I wanted to normalize the failures I've had to get to where I am today in hopes that it can inspire me to be better in the future!


  • Turned down an summer internship interview opportunity with Accenture (didn't want to renege on an offer)
  • Felt like I failed at CS 107 because of lack of self-confidence in my field
  • Took on too much work and had to balance two different roles at once
  • Failed to give enough time for self-care
  • Received client feedback on a freelance project that took away week's work of design
  • Failed to finish personal website! Built 4 different versions of this site
  • Got referred for a role but didn't get resume review


  • Worked five to six student / freelance / internships at a time to pay for expenses
  • Struggled with negotiating my offers
  • Rejected: from PayPal UX Research internship (final round)
  • Rejected: Cisco, Kleiner Perkins, LA Times (2x)
  • Turned down: Home Depot due to summer 2021 scheduling issues
  • Struggled with Physics so much and found myself at office hours ever week
  • Worked on a startup that eventually didn't get launched
  • Burned out after six weeks of constant workload
  • Didn't get to final round interview with Accenture because hiring freeze